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New work by 72andSunny builds on the ‘So good it’s good’ LikeMeat creative platform based on the idea of enjoying food that is delicious and double good.

Amsterdam/Düsseldorf, 25 April 2022: The pleasures of chomping into a tasty chicken sandwich and chowing down a döner kebab but without hurting the planet are celebrated in a new campaign for the deliciously plant-based LikeMeat range. Created by 72andSunny Amsterdam, the work builds on the “So good it’s good” creative platform launched last year with the LikeMeat guilt-free BBQ season campaign.

72andSunny’s creative idea juxtaposes the two seemingly contradictory sides of LikeMeat’s “good.” We have the visceral pleasure good of eating juicy, carnivorously craveable food. But because we’re plant-based, we have the added goodness of not doing harm. Double the pleasure in every LikeMeat bite.

Armando Potter, Strategy Director at 72andSunny Amsterdam, said: “LikeMeat shows up in the meatiest of meat-eating spaces and flips the script on good eating. This isn’t about picking a fight with meat. Rather, with plant-based meat favourites this delicious, LikeMeat has the permission to simply act…like meat. As if we’ve been at the meat-lovers table all along.”

The hero film, directed by Johan Kramer, is at the heart of the campaign and shows people tucking into food, including a ludicrously overloaded döner, sauce-dripping schnitzel sandwich and a slurping chicken noodle – a venus flytrap even gets in on the action. Meanwhile the voiceover tells us: “Getting all messy with meat is good. Not making a mess of the planet is also good.”

Justine Berger, Global Brand lead LikeMeat says: ”At LikeMeat we want to double the pleasure and let people enjoy delicious, plant-based meats without compromising on taste, while doing good for the planet and animals. We want to show people that they can get everything they love about meat, just… without meat.”

The campaign comprises the hero film supported by a series of different executions, cutdowns and social ads. A variety of products in the LikeMeat range, including Like Chicken Bites, Like Schnitzel and Like Chicken Filet, are featured.

There is also a series of social assets, including a gif of the hungry venus flytrap, which can be used for in-feed social posts.

LikeMeat is one of the plant-based food brands owned by the LIVEKINDLY Collective and is available in numerous European markets as well as the United States and South Africa.

The campaign initially launched in LikeMeat’s home-market Germany, and will run across other markets in the coming months.

Did we spark curiosity for the assets described? Continue watching various of the created assets via these links.