Be inspired by the Kind Heroes and their mission in making plant-based living the new norm.

LIVEKINDLY Collective is a Collective of plant-based food brands on a mission to make plant-based living the new norm. The Kind Heroes are our assertive and lovable cartoon friends championing a sustainable future by inspiring you to join our mission. Their adventures show us how to create a sustainable future with simple changes to our diet, like a plant-based BBQ.

Toon van Driel has been a cartoonist for the past 48 years and became famous in The Netherlands with various cartoons. Recently he changed his diet to become more plant-based as he realized animals do not want to be eaten, in addition to a plant-based diet being healthier and more sustainable. Through the Kind Heroes he would like to inspire others to join him in the transition. Watch the video below, to learn more about Toon van Driel and the start of the Kind Heroes.

I hope my tales will help people find empathy for animals in the world of underdogs, underchickens, underlambs with one wish: EAT ME NOT.

Toon van Driel

The cartoonist

Kind Heroes in action

Kind Heroes
in action

Meet our Kind Heroes

Meet our
kind heroes