The current food system is unsustainable. And right now, plant-based food is not enough of an exception. That’s why it’s crucial to pay close attention to the food’s footprint – and push boundaries to do more but impact less.

By shifting from an exhaustive food system to a regenerative one, shift from fossil-based packaging and create inclusive, diverse and healthy workplaces all along the value chain – we can make plant-based fully fair and sustainable, and truly revolutionary.

We know changing how the planet eats is no small feat. But we also know that better products and practices, innovation and collaboration from field to fork, can transform the entire world of food, one meal at a time.

Great changes are seldom easy or exponential in impact but total focus and dedication lead to a continuous and incremental shift in the right direction and our teams are committed and passionate to transform the global food system… after all, good planets are hard to find, we need to look after this one.

Mark Hassenkamp

Global Head of Agriculture at

LIVEKINDLY Collective is leading a movement for maximum impact – to make plant-based eating the new norm. We are the only company in the plant-based food sector to own and operate the entire value chain of production. With the expertise, vision and scale to bring together the world’s most unique and sustainable plant-based breakthroughs, founders, entrepreneurs and global leaders in the plant-based space.

LIVEKINDLY Collective’s joint venture with Puris being; Plant B Seeds SA (Pty) Ltd has developed the “seed to silo and “grower to food” solution that is traceable through every step of the supply chain. Our agri-mission is to ensure the availability of key raw materials for the plant-based food industry by building agricultural competence, sustainable farming methods and fostering sustainable agricultural wealth. It is essential to source clean and high-quality raw materials that meet the demand for plant-based food conversion by supplying the industry with cost effective ingredients.

In South-Africa our dedicated Agric team has sourced suitable land where we are able to influence the crop rotation of the farmer to positively impact their long-term soil health. We are well underway in building our seed to silo cropping base to reach 10’000 ha’s in the next year with 1st harvests already completed. We conduct ongoing trials to validate and explore ongoing improvements in yields and quality opportunities. Our mission is not only to make a positive contribution to the environment through promoting a shift from degenerative to regenerative farming methods but also to work closely with our farmers offering them technical support and step by step open up their world to new and innovative farming methods that in return contribute to making plant based living the new norm and sustainable farming.