Dear Friends,

We’ve started LIVEKINDLY Collective with the simple, ambitious goal of changing people’s beliefs, habits and transforming the broken food industry into a sustainable, plant-based system.

The idea itself isn’t new; there are lots of small businesses around the world working on independent initiatives to get more people choosing plant-based for the good of the planet. But even with the best intentions, we believe it’s simply not something that one person, brand or company can do alone.

We concluded that the scale of the problem is so huge, and the opportunity so amazing, that it can only be tackled by something equally as big. To create the sort of systemic shift the world needs – and fast – requires a collective effort and a radical new approach.

So, what do we mean by ‘collective’? We want to grow the plant-based food market through collaboration rather than competition, so we’ve assembled a team from all parts of the value chain, combining a diverse range of skills and experience in a completely new model. Together we’re building an organisation that is a force for good on a global scale, with lasting impact.

We’re working with strategic partners to develop a portfolio of brands and create a vertically integrated supply chain. Everyone in the Collective is committed to developing a better food system through open innovation. We’ve got on board some of the most passionate entrepreneurs and founder-led food brands, as well as independent seed producers, food manufacturers and smallholder farmers. We’re guided by a seasoned leadership team and supported by an established media platform that amplifies the voice of the industry whilst the food companies help change people’s habits. This unique, all-encompassing approach, coupled with an upgrade plan that puts sustainability and diversity at the heart of our business, gives the right firepower to create change at scale and at speed.

We’re already beginning to see the incredible things that can happen when you connect and enable passionate people with a shared vision and values. It’s still early days for the plant-based industry, and we know there’s work to be done. Right now, we’re focused on improving the quality, affordability, and nutritional value of plant-based products, and making them more broadly available around the world.

We’re doing something that’s never been done before, so we’d like to take the opportunity here to say a very special thanks to our founding members – Debbie and Wally Fry, Timo, Jodi, Anders and Anna-Kajsa – for giving us their confidence and trust in those early days. And for sticking with us through the challenges that surely lie ahead!

It is both humbling and thrilling to see what started as an idea progressing into a movement – it’s bigger than just us and involves many of you, too. We’re so grateful for your support and we hope you’ll continue to join us on the journey towards making plant-based food the norm.

Kees Kruythoff
Chairman & CEO

Roger Lienhard

Our MIssion

The LIVEKINDLY COLLECTIVE is on a mission to make plant based living the new norm, and shift the global food system to a sustainable one.

Every day we see the impact our choices are having on our home. LIVEKINDLY Collective is leading a movement to build a sustainable future today.

We care about those who share our world, and our passionate team is committed to inspiring change through delicious plant-based food. Thanks to ingenuity and innovative technology, your favorite foods can be savoured and enjoyed without the need for animals or the depletion of natural resources.

Our team is committed to inspiring change through delicious plant-based food.

We’re also transforming the global food system by partnering with companies across the value chain who are dedicated to providing clean-label options, reducing reliance on animals, and increased environmental sustainability.

Like our customers, the team at LIVEKINDLY Collective spans the globe and is focused on creating impact with speed, at scale—because every day counts.

Making kinder choices impacts us all and we’re just getting started.