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As the world gets a climate action warning from the UN and is urged to become more conscious, the plant-based diet becomes one of the most accessible choices to create positive change. To meet this growing curiosity for plant-based living, LIVEKINDLY Collective, the world’s fastest growing plant-based company, launched Collective Kitchen. The new engaging content platform offers inspiration and allows people all over the globe to follow 11 experienced chefs creating delicious dishes with plant-based ingredients. Anchored by a dedicated, digital destination devoted to 50 original recipes, Collective Kitchen is ideated and produced by LIVEKINDLY, the world’s leading digital lifestyle brand focused on sustainability and conscious living.  

“The LIVEKINDLY team is thrilled to be the creative force behind this wholly unique campaign that leverages our two greatest passions: sustainability and plant-based culture,” says Jodi Monelle, founder and CEO of LIVEKINDLY. “We are genuinely excited to be leaders in this space. The world is becoming conscious of how diet change can make a difference, and we want to do everything we can to empower people to explore more plant-based eating. Collective Kitchen is a palpable manifestation of the culinary relationships, creativity, and rich insights into consumer passions that we’ve cultivated for three years now.”  

Collective Kitchen features 11 chefs from seven countries, and 50+ new recipes. The campaign includes the “Top Dish” video series, which debuts with American Chef Nyesha Arrington of Top Chef fame, who’ll be a key mentor in the upcoming, Gordon Ramsey-hosted Next Level Chef cooking-competition series. Collective Kitchen’s creative chef-driven campaign is the first of its kind, with culinary experts from around the world crafting unique plant-based recipes streamlined specifically for the home cook.  

Our mission is to make plant-based living the new norm, and that’s only possible by making the transition to eating less meat easier for all cooks, no matter for whom they are cooking. We are proud to launch this unique collection of plant-based recipes. Our chefs are using some of the most popular products to encourage home cooks to experiment and find out just how versatile, delicious, nutritious, and easy-to-make plant-based meals can be.

Mick van Ettinger
Chief Marketing Officer of LIVEKINDLY Collective.

The Collective Kitchen omnimedia experience is comprised of a multi-tier video program that showcases the stories, expertise, and culinary work of the featured chefs. A standalone website filled exclusively with 50+ original plant-based recipes and accompanying videos demonstrates how to cook a number of Collective chef recipes. And a robust social-media campaign, with additional video content, will span YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Viewers world wide will learn how to easily replace meat in dishes such as Arrington’s Korean Fried Chick’n Tacos, a favorite in her native Los Angeles. The audience will also learn how to experiment with new ingredients to make vegan versions of dishes such as German Doner Kebabs, Swedish Meatballs, Jozi Kota (from South Africa), and more. Each recipe comes with cooking videos and instructions on how to prepare the dish.  

New episodes of Collective Kitchen will launch at Collective Kitchen starting September 13, 2021. The Collective Kitchen chefs include: Nyesha Arrington (USA), Line Tscherning Damgaard (Denmark), Marika Netzel (Germany), Mokgadi Itsweng (South Africa), Bounsou “King Cook” Senathit (England), Rebel Mariposa (USA), Ankan Linden (Sweden), Jasmine Shimoda (USA), Jason McNamara (South Africa), Pauline Bossdorf (Germany), and Ricky Saward (Germany).  

Find inspiring recipes, read about the chefs and watch their cooking videos on the Collective Kitchen website: