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NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–LIVEKINDLY Collective, a collection of heritage and start-up brands on track to become one of the world’s largest plant-based food companies, today announced the appointments of the following members to its Board of Directors, effective January 15, 2021:

  • Suzy Amis Cameron, an environmental leader, business pioneer and author
  • Barbara Kux, a longstanding director with international and executive experience
  • Shujun Li, a veteran investor focused on growth in China
  • Paul Polman, an advocate for businesses to tackle climate change and former CEO of Unilever
  • Walter Robb, a longtime entrepreneur and former co-CEO of Whole Foods
  • Gaby Sulzberger, an investor, longstanding director and philanthropist

“Our new directors have built extraordinary careers leading and transforming businesses, pioneering disruption in plant-based food, and moving the world forward on climate policy,” said Roger Lienhard, Founder and Executive Chairman of Blue Horizon Group and LIVEKINDLY Collective’s founder. “Their passion, expertise and wisdom will help us realize the enormous opportunity we have to revolutionize the global production of proteins and lead the movement to embrace a plant-based life.”

LIVEKINDLY Collective was founded to accelerate the transformation of the global food industry into a healthier, sustainable, kinder food system, accessible to all. Through its purpose-driven business model that brings together global business leaders and entrepreneurs, it is the only plant-based company to own and operate across the entire value chain, from seed to fork. In 2020, LIVEKINDLY Collective raised $335 million, becoming one of the highest funded and fastest growing plant-based food companies globally.

“By adding Suzy, Barbara, Shujun, Paul, Walter and Gaby to our Board of Directors, we are ensuring that our mission is supported through best practices in governance and corporate stewardship,” said Kees Kruythoff, CEO and Chairman of LIVEKINDLY Collective. “Our unique model puts us in partnership with the most visionary and innovative companies in the world, and the depth of their experience in sustainability, plant-protein and long-term disruptive growth will accelerate the impact of our collective work.”

Continuing members of LIVEKINDLY Collective’s Board of Directors include Roger Lienhard, Kees Kruythoff, Björn Witte, Chris Kerr and Marcus Keitzer.