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LIVEKINDLY Collective expands its Portfolio with the Acquisition of ‘No Meat’

Today, the collective of heritage and start-up brands announced the acquisition of 'No Meat', Iceland Foods’ vegan meat alternative.

Tammy Fry’s first book ‘Made with Love & Plants’ coming soon

Our very own Tammy Fry is to launch a plant-based cookbook and lifestyle guide, packing 75 recipes and gorgeous photography.

Why being a Force for Good is just Good Business

The shift to more sustainable diets cannot be left just to individual consumers. It's the private sector's responsibility to do right by the planet—and the market is already there.

Meat Consumption may be rising in the East, but so is Demand for plant-based Alternatives

Learning from the mistakes of the West, Asian countries have an opportunity to change course. The shift is already happening.

How Blue Horizon Ventures is building a sustainable future of food

Not only is a plant-based food system more resilient, it is also profitable. We can use business as a force for sustainable change, better for us and better for the planet. Here's how.

“I think in two generations people will look back and say ‘Why were we at all eating animals?’”

“There’s a new plant-based powerhouse on the block.”

CEO Kees Kruythoff on the company’s entry into the plant-based market backed by $200 million in funding.